Patolli and Julius continue to battle, with Patolli launching multiple spells at Julius who easily dodges the spells, while managing to catch one of them. Julius … He's slightly faster than unawakened Patry, whereas awakened Patry couldn't even form a proper attack against Zagred. Julius stated multiple times he didn’t want to hurt Patri due to him having William. No. Archived. Licht low-mid diff. Zagred, whom Licht fought and kept up with. Long ago, humanity was on the verge of being wiped out by a demon, but was saved by one extremely powerful mage who became known as the first Wizard King. Yami checks on Julius, which Julius tells Yami about how wonderful Yami's magic is and how he has become a wonderful Magic Knight. 'But when did they- Wait! 4 A Reunion Across Time and Space – 9.5 Licht cannot dominate Julius is a one-on-one fight as he is the Magic Emperor and his knowledge of Magic is far beyond Licht. Edit: Actually it is confirmed he casts Chrono Stasis Grigora, as opposed to just Chrono Stasis That spell Julius used on Licht's Light Magic and erased it was energy based. 1 year ago. JULIUS VS LICHT | BLACK CLOVER EPISODE 92 REACTION The Wizard King vs. Julius Novachrono vs. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The Eye of the Midnight Sun members arrive outside their hideout. Fight Guide Julius says that he leaves the rest to Yami and comments on how it was great to witness many different magic and meet different people. Patolli attacks with a spell, but Julius dodges by looking into the future with his magic. As Patolli comments about how there is a limit to Julius's Time Magic, Julius replies by explaining how his Time Magic steals the time from others. Zagred vs Everyone/Vetto vs the Black Bulls In the end, I just couldn't say three fights and had to tie some, haha. Press J to jump to the feed. Word Magic 3. But... Julius has more experience and his abilities are just broken. One problem is, Julius is not hecking around but he would definitely be amazed by Devil's magic for a while, if he was amazed by Yami's DS, and Devil can do even better things than DS. 92-93 Stickied comment. REMINDER: Anything that hasn't happened yet in the anime is a spoiler.This message is posted automatically to every thread without a Spoiler tag. When William Vangeance approaches him, Julius notes how unusual that is. However Julius saved up years worth of time magic. On top of a wall in the Royal Capital, Julius Novachrono is watching the sunset over the Clover Kingdom. On top of a wall in the Royal Capital, Julius Novachrono is watching the sunset over the Clover Kingdom. Patolli thinks about what Julius's Time Magic is capable of and how his Light Magic is capable of countering it. Lolopechka is a user of Water magic and the Spirit magic.She has immense magic power, so much that she can rival an entire Magic Knights squad by herself(and that’s saying something! Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns. Fights Licht explained as he held up his right, gloved covered hand. T-shirts on offer by Julius-K9 JULIUS-K9® is a leading European dog harness manufacturer. When Asta wakes up, Sally tells him that he wants to be apart of her e… Season 10, Episode 3 TV-14 CC HD CC SD. Find GIFs with the latest and newest hashtags! Patolli prepares a spell and proclaims that he will punish mankind. William removes his mask and thanks the Magic Emperor for everything he has done. As Julius says that he will protect the kingdom and its people, Patolli thinks about how Julius is this world's last stronghold against their objective. Patolli says that Julius will take the responsibility for the Clover Kingdom's sins while launching a spell at Julius. Notable users of this type of Grimoire are Licht (leader of the elves), Lumiere Silvamillion Clover(the first wizard king), and Yuno (the reincarnation of Licht’s son and the prince of Spade Kingdom).. 3. Julius says that he is capable of defending against Light Magic, which Patolli asks to what extent can Julius defend against his magic. 5 Stronger: Licht. Joined Mar 7, 2015 Messages 5,563 Reaction score 4,019 Age 27 Gender Male Country. Ep 92: Patry appears before Julius! Julius will have plenty of time then to incapacitate or pull a winning move. GXrevs06. The real Licht btw. and the text or it won't work!). After his reincarnation, all Julius was left with was a single page. Watch full epic fight between leader of Midnight Sun Licht and The Wizard King Julius. Patolli 「パトリ Patori」1 is an elf and the leader of the Eye of the Midnight Sun, under the name and appearance of Licht.2 He shares a body with William Vangeance, captain of the Golden Dawn squad,3 until he sacrifices himself to save the Clover Kingdom. Wiki Points. But he is holding back his powers because he is the wizard king. Julius vs Licht, just in the case to show how OP Julius is. In Black Clover Episode 92 we had an instance when Licht does hurt Julius but he heals almost instantly. Julius sees Patolli's spell and thinks about how they are in a bad situation. Licht Vs Wizard King Julius (Black Clover) Full Fight Eng Dub [60 fps] October 2, 2019 456 views 0. "That man is the current Wizard King, Julius Novachrono, and he is without a doubt my greatest foe." One of the member reprimands Rades Spirito for going wild as they did not need to do that to accomplish their goal. William then transforms into Patoll… Julius Novachrono. Patolli then releases the power that is sealed within him. Location His childhood friend and rival, Yuno, is the exact opposite of him, being tall and stoic along … Also, Julius only needs to counter an attack when he's trying to defend others. Patolli begins to wonder what kind of a man Julius is and what kind of Grimoire he possesses. spoiler. Manga. It becomes easy to root for the character, as viewers learn Julius’ goal is to break down the class system holding everyone back. Patolli takes this chance to pierce Julius with a light sword, commenting about how Julius's weakness is being the Magic Emperor. Julius expresses his regret over this revelation. 0. L’Empereur-Mage a-t-il raison d'être aussi sûr de lui ? Julius' speed is overrated. While Licht gets an initial upper hand, very quickly viewers learn that Julius’ time magic makes him far too powerful for Licht to get anything close to an easy victory. Julius sends that spell back, and manages to cut Patolli by accelerating it. Visionnez Black Clover Épisode 93, Julius Novachrono, sur Crunchyroll. Licht is stronger than Patry in every way. REMINDER: Anything that hasn't happened yet in the anime is a spoiler. The grimoire possessed by Licht is the same that Asta received many centuries later. Asta stood gapping, amazed by Licht's acknowledgement and shocked that the Wizard King has fought Licht before. Also because he would had the upper hand because of his magic being way more useful for combat. Rades tells the guy to shut up and that it was his toys that were broken out there, and Sally adds that Catherine is still at the capital. Right now, in the manga, prime Julius is rotten garbage. Outcome Valtos tells her that they cannot bring Asta along, but Sally says that Asta is her new test subject, as she wants to examine his Anti Magic. Both are fighting in their prime and without anyone around. Naruto wins. Julius then thinks about how Zara was killed, and that he became the Magic Emperor in order to get power behind his voice. The grimoire possessed by Licht is the same that Asta received many centuries later. ).She is also able to hold a kingdom-wide mana barrier all the time. Julius asks about William's scar disappearing, which Patolli replies that the scar is a curse that has no effect on elves. 0. Another point, judging by the start of the Licht vs Julius fight and what we later learn about Langris and his passive defense, it is likely that Julius has a passive time-stop based defense based on his attack spell in a similar manner to Langris. Julius also thinks about when he met Zara, and thought how Zara was a true Magic Knight. Basically fodder. Despite his overwhelming power and incredible popularity, he is actually a very childish person at heart and an absolute nerd around unique and ancient magic. In the present day, the story begins with your typical Shounen series protagonist, Asta, a kind-hearted youth with the hot-bloodedness to match, but not the height much to his chagrin. Black Clover Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Also is Julius stronger or is the fact that his weakness is the people he wants to protect make him weaker ? Awakening is a massive power-up, likely making Patry stronger. Location: clover kingdom castle (same place Julius fought Patri). His ability to read the flow of the mana in the area would make a surprise attack impossible for Licht. Copy Magic Episode(s) Julius senses what Patolli is thinking and points to his grimoire, which Patolli is surprised by its shape. Time Magic 2. Holy Trinity ( Julius Novachrono, Lumiere Silvamillion Clover and Licht ): VS. I would say either the same strength or julius is stronger. Julius was able to reverse a whole kingdom don’t forget that. When Licht flashed away at light speed Julius said that it was faster than his magic. Licht is much faster, has stronger attacks, is more versatile, has a better defense with magic absorption etc. Julius VS Licht「Black Clover AMV + Desenhos」 Music Video com cenas da luta entre Julius Novachrono (Rei Mago) e Licht de Black Clover, juntamente a desenhos focado nos personagens Julius e Licht com seus respectivos artistas (créditos na imagem). A few things you didn't consider. ConcurrentMereoleona Vermillion vs. RhyaGauche Adlai, Gordon Agrippa, Grey, and Henry Legolant vs. Rades Spirito and Sally Patolli attacks again which Julius easily dodges again. Yami notices Marx, and tells him to go get help. Licht is the Leader of the ancient Elf tribe that existed during the time of the First Wizard King. I didn’t put it on the title of the post for anime only’s. Search, discover and share your favorite Julius GIFs. Damage and Casualties REMINDER: Anything that hasn't happened yet in the anime is a spoiler. Every chance Julius failed to capture Patri, he could have killed him. [1] Julius thinks about how he has suspected William, but did not think that there were two souls within William's body. Julius informs Patolli that he has already saw that Patolli cannot win against him. Fight Information Anime: Black Clover Song: Emptiness( Dravyn remix) canel :Nightblue MusicKing Of Magic Julius Vs Licht Julius Vs LichtThe Wizard King vs Licht Full FightBlack Clover Opening Black Clover 93Black Clover 94Black Clover Episode 94 HD subbedBlack Clover amvBlack Clover Episode 93Black Clover Episodio 94Black Clover Episode 94 Preview English Subbed HDBlack Clover Episode 94 … Wizard King (Julius) vs Licht (Patri) Full Fight [English Sub 60 FPS] Julius Novachrono’s true powers II. Pre-awakened Patry was a challenge for Julius. Licht is stronger than Patry in every way. Julius then uses a spell to erase Patolli's spell, and protect the kingdom. Favourite Three Magic Abilities: 1. Well even though Asta and Yuno got blitzed by Licht doesn't mean that the same would have happened to Julius. → NextAsta, Zora Ideale, and Mereoleona Vermillion vs. Lira People forget Licht and Lumiere are actually younger than Yami which is just nutty considering how powerful they are. spoiler. Thus he comes across as being very frivolous with his duties. (Don't leave any spaces between the "!" Licht is much faster, has stronger attacks, is more versatile, has a better defense with magic absorption etc. 143-146 He possesses a four-leaf grimoire and uses Sword Magic. Yes, Licht is probably stronger than Patri but not as strong as Julius. Patry then got TWO extremely massive power-ups, which alone should even the difference, or even put Patry on top, and he was still helpless against Zagred, who is said to be weaker than Megicula, who himself is weaker than the Demon King, so no, Julius would be nowhere near a beast. Julius Novachrono is fatally injuredPatolli is exhausted and minorly injured Royal Capital The current Wizard King at the start of the story, Julius Novachrono is an awe-inspiring figure to most, being utterly indomitable in combat and is first seen returning victorious from another battle. He struggled greatly with unawakaned non-demonic Patry. Share (Last Updated On: August 25, 2020) Licht VS Wizard King Full Fight English Dubbed. For discussing the manga and anime, Black Clover by Yuki Tabata. But Julius is kinda op, dude is faster then lightspeed and having time manipulation in a another lvl. He just needed to hold back because that was william’s body, also he used to have a fucking dictionary for a grimoire, who knows what that grimoire had on it (another point is that licht’s ultimate move isn’t even his own move alone, he had to rely on the other elves mana to do it ). This is one of the most epic fights in the Black Clover Series. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. As Patolli launches the spell, Julius thinks about how he continued to search for his own purpose while being in the Magic Knights. Chapter(s) Licht Vs Julius. During his fight with Dante, his right arm becomes permanently corrupted with his Devil's power. Julius vs Licht. He is trying to minimize the surrounding damage. Patolli gets behind Julius, but Julius counters by suddenly appearing behind Patolli. Later froze Licht's light in time as it traveled towards him. He even pass his own dead and come back, I feeling like he didn´t even fight seriously overall against Licht, as he know that Asta change later the mind of Licht.^^ Yhwach vs Julius would be really interessting fight to see. Julius' speed is overrated. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Nov 21, 2018 - REDES SOCIALES. Are u really blaming Julius for not dealing with a demon in his time? Julius easily counters by using Mana Zone to freeze the spell in place. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I think in the future we will see Julius return to his former glory and he will prove how over powered he truly is.